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Posters across Metrolink reveal what’s going on inside our minds.

What if a drawing could show you what’s inside a person’s mind? What would it tell you about who they are, how they live and what their experience of their world is? Is it like yours? Is it different?

Working with people in five neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester who have experienced mental health issues, artist Jan Rothuizen has used his distinctive and intricate drawings to map out these inner worlds. Which features of their homes and neighbourhoods shape their experiences? How do they interact with these places day-to-day? The voices of these individuals are layered over his drawings. They whisper in our ears as we look…

Jan Rothuizen is a visual artist whose work layers detailed observation of the physical environment with deep research into the personal experiences and perspectives of the people who live there. Combining drawing with text, his works have been translated into English, Spanish and Chinese. His projects have been presented in film festivals, museums and galleries. He made the inter-active award-winning documentary Refugee Republic about a refugee camp in Iraq and the VR animated film Drawing Room.

MINDSCAPES Artists in Conversation: Jan Rothuizen

Transport for Greater Manchester
The Men’s Room
Buzz Manchester
No. 93 Community Centre
Growing Togetherness

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In 2021 We were please to be asked by The Working Class Movement Library to assist in the maintenance of the Gardens which had been lovingly planted by The founding members of the Library.

Many of the interesting plants had been grown from seed or donated to the Library and in this spirit the gardens are still growing.

Growing Togetherness aimed to support the volunteers to understand more about the plants in the gardens and learn how to look after them, it was then that Incredible Edible supported the venture as many of the plants are medicinal or edible in nature.

"Since Mark's been working with us it's been terrific to witness not just shape and order returning to our garden but also the increase in our garden volunteers' enjoyment and confidence levels.  A particular high point was having the volunteers able to share their enthusiasm about the garden with visitors at our Heritage Open Days event in September"

2021. (Lynette Cawthra, Library Manager)

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Work in progress Campfire Folk July 2022

4 nights of campfire folk in our community allotment along with a medley of local musicians performing during the day.


Call out for performers

Can you help us to create the next musical events? 

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