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Mark Frith

Taking time to truly relax is an important but generally low priority activity for most people in this day and age. Highly pressured jobs and lifestyles, feelings of isolation even when there are thousands of people around you is the norm of city living.  Negative mental health can affect people of all ages and from all walks of life, it has a massive impact on your life and you may not know you are suffering from it.

With a varied and adaptable skill set I can deliver bespoke sessions to your group or on a one to one client basis. 


Using Horticulture and the natural environment combined with Person Centred Counselling techniques we will grow togetherness one seedling at a time.

Make yourself a promise "take time to explore yourself and the place you live."

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Community Allotments & Gardends

Our Community Allotments and Gardens​ are made up of a selection of individual Allotments and Communal areas.  We currently have a waiting list for individual Allotments but I would encourage you to join us as a community gardener volunteer team so that you can get to know our group and the skills of growing in our community area.

We are at early stages of creating a structured volunteer program to offer a pathway for willing community gardeners to grow and share their knowledge and skills.

We will also be offering a selection of holistic therapies to try which will  help you live a more fulfilling life.

Mark Frith

Buile Hill Park

Seedley Park Road Pavillion

Salford. M5 5LY

​​Tel: 07703 716 550​


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